For as long as I can remember I have loved beautiful spaces and pretty things!

In this blog you will be able to follow all of my easy affordable DIY projects, my favorite things, my home decor before and afters projects, and see some of the products I make and sell for all your gifting needs.   I have a passion for antiques.  I love going to auctions and finding beautiful old pieces and incorporating them into my design.  I want to inspire others to create beautiful spaces with the pieces they love and that have meaning to them.

My idea to start a blog really didn’t start that long ago.  I always suggested it to others that they should start blogging but didn’t see myself doing one.  You know those life moments that when you look back, you can clearly see have led you to the place you are now……that’s where I am!  I am a Jesus loving Christian girl who is far from perfect.  I have a beautiful family with my husband and two grown boys.  I’m a small-town girl who always seems to find crazy projects to do.  I will try most things.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had many fails and now have good people in my life who I trust to do the bigger jobs that are over my head.  I am a full-time hairstylist with 16 years experience.  I have a salon in my home and a very busy schedule.  My Job is unique in the way I communicate with so many different people in the run of a day.  I volunteer for many organizations for causes I believe in .  I have been organizing events, decorating for weddings, home décor, Christmas decorating, and volunteering for over 20 years.  It is who I am.