Homestead Farm Kitchen Make over

So this post is long overdue!  I have been working with the homeowner for well over 1 year now.  We are constantly evolving and changing the decor based on the seasons.  I feel so blessed to be working with such a great family, who pretty much give me free reign.  I must start with the before kitchen photo so you can see the big changes we made.

Before photo of the kitchen/dining room.

Before photo of the kitchen/dining room.

As you can see in the before pic of the kitchen, the bones were good.  The appliances were very unique and high end.  The Cabinets were custom built.  The floors were oak, but had a very strong orange hue to them so that is something I wanted to change up. 

There was quite a bit of paint used in this project.  The cabinets were sprayed black from the original green collar.  The island was painted "Sugar Cookie" from Benjamin Moore.  Sugar Cookie was our go-to colour for the shiplap, trim, Island and kitchen floors.  I wanted to keep it uniform.

I love setting a tablescape to bring the whole project together.  It makes the space feel put together.  When I get to this job, I never want to leave because it feels so homey here.

 I love the original appliances that my client already had.  We purchased the antique table from Bloomfield Antiques, in Sussex.  The cute little deer plates were purchased from Pier 1.  I think they just add character.  The great rug was purchased from Ikea.

I love how this turned out.  The views of the river from the great windows in this location can not be appreciated through the lens.  Stay tuned for more reveals of this project.

Botox Buy In!

I can't believe it took me this long in my life to actually take the plunge and try Botox.  For many years I have been bothered by my frown lines in between my eyes.  To me, they were like big black hateful lines.  Every morning when I put on my make up, I would want to literally take a white liner and fill in the cracks (which never works fyi).  

Now don't get me wrong, I am 45 years old and I expect to have a certain amount of wrinkles.  I don't want to try to look like I'm 20.  I am not interested in any type of permanent face altering surgery.  Through my eyes, my lines were so negative and hateful looking.  

I called Ambrosia Cosmetic Clinic in Miramichi and made my appointment.  I requested consultation and completing of services all in one.  Let's get this done!  I had heard so many good things about Dr. Arsenault, that I really wasn't one bit nervous.  When I got there, Michelle was quick to take me into her office and proceed with a thorough consultation and she went over all the information I should know before  receiving treatment.  It was a very private and professional.  

The procedure, to my surprise, was very quick, painless (a tiny needle, tiny pick) and it was over before I knew it.  I was teasing him asking if I could video it for my blog!  This may come down the road!  Depending on what you are looking for  and how deep your lines are determines amount of botox and therefore price.  I needed 24 units in between my eyes and he charges $10 a unit!  I couldn't believe how cheap it was compared to many of the high end face creams and products I have used in the past.  

He told me it takes up to 1 -2 weeks before I would notice any change.  When I left there, you couldn't even tell that I had anything done, which was great. So I went home and of course,  my husband Craig was teasing me.  He told me I was going to look like Tim Allen on the movie "Christmas with the Kranks"!  NOT TRUE AT ALL!

Day 4 hit and I couldn't believe it.  I'm a hairstylist and therefore work in front of a mirror all day.  Because I have my aging face in front of me all day, I suppose I can be the most critical of myself.  That day, however, I couldn't stop looking at myself and the difference.  Dr. Arsenault did tell me that it will just keep getting smoother and smoother as I have my next session.  they suggest 3 months for my second one and after that it could go up to 6 months between sessions.  I did start feeling a slight funny feeling like numbness in my forehead but it didn't bother me.....such a tiny price to pay.  

I don't think I have ever done something for myself that I got so much satisfaction from.  I am a low maintenance girl who does my own hair, my own nails.  We don't go out, or go on big fancy vacations.  We don't have recreation vehicles or I totally feel like I can do this for myself with zero guilt.  Check this place out and if its something you have thought about and were scared, it's really not that big of a Kardashian thing like I thought it was. 

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about this post or anything else you would like me to post about.  Drop me a line on the contact page.  Have a great long weekend and let's celebrate Canada and living in the BEST country in the world!



After 4 days!

After 4 days!

Missing our Marley Girl!

Most of my friends and clients were all too familiar with my shop girl Marley.  She was our 10 year old Sheltie.  She was my constant companion.  To say the least, she was the most loyal, loving and sensitive dog that we have ever had in our family.  

Sadly, two months ago, we lost her suddenly to neurological issues.  It was a shock and broke our hearts.  I am so fortunate that I got to spend 10 great years with her.  She added so much to our family and those years will not be forgotten!


No other dog could replace her, however, we are expecting!  We are going to pick up our new family member on Tuesday.  


Meet our new guy.....TUCKER!  Look for more to come, I am sure there will be lots to share.  

Easy and Affordable Flower Pot DIY

Looking for a cute farmhouse-ish option for all those house plants that seem to be so trendy these days?  Head to your local dollar store... yup,  Dollarama (click here).  

I saw something like this on Pinterest and thought that it looked quick and easy.  Here are my steps:

1.  I purchased clay pots from the Dollarama,  you can order online from Walmart though, (click here).  They were cheap and available.

2.  I used crack filler I had in the house and started spreading it all over the pot with a (you know that thing you use like a spatula to crack fill your walls? lol) well, thats what I started using.  I quickly just started using my hands.  It was messy, but quick.  I let that dry very well which probably took 2 hours.

3.  After they were dry I took a sanding block and gave them a rough sand.  I made sure I went right down to the terracotta base so I could see it in places.  Other places, I left thick and textured.  I gave them a quick dusting off.

4.  I had some fusion samples from Crackle and Teal (click here) and I took a small paint brush and randomly gave swipes of the different colours to give it that lived in look.  I took my sanding block again to sand down some of the paint.  Nothing perfect at all.  

5.  If you know me at all you know that I like instant results.  I probably should have sealed them.....however, I didn't.  I transferred my plants and watered them and placed them in various places around the house.  See the pics below for some inspiration.  Share my blog if you like it!  Thanks for stopping by!


Bathroom mini makeover

I would have never guessed how bad it was behind our tub surround. Just after Christmas we removed an old tub surround that was in our main bathroom.  It looked relatively fine, however, when we removed it ..... we were totally disgusted!  All we saw was mold and mildew.  I wanted to update it with subway tile to freshen up the feel of the bathroom.  We contacted Douglas Irving (click here).  Douglas came in and meticulously corrected all the wrong with the rotting wall and installed a beautiful subway tile tub surround.  I went with a crisp white tile with a slate coloured  grout.  He was in and out in 2 days and was very professional and we were very pleased with his work.

I had an existing silver shower curtain rod and silver hooks for my curtain that I really wanted to paint black.  I used a flat black Rust-Oleum painters touch spray paint (click here) and sprayed both my rod and hooks.  This was quick and easy.  I let it dry for a few days to ensure the adhesion.  At the same time I also painted my existing hardware for my cabinet. I had the pulls and I still liked them, just thought black would be better. 

My existing cabinet was a custom piece my Dad had built in and it provided a ton of storage and was very solid.  I have a beautiful antique dresser I would have loved to install, however, I knew I would be sacrificing my abundance of storage.  I dreamed of having all brand new beautiful white towels meticulously rolled in a vintage box of some sort.....that idea left quickly considering the 3 boys I live with.  My husband Craig is very good at doing the laundry, however, we have an ongoing 20 year disagreement over how towels should be folded!  Really though, I knew it would kill me to have our  towels on constant display.  Storage, storage, storage is a must!  With that in mind I knew I should keep what I had and revamp it with paint.  I used the Fusion Paint (click here) .  The colours I chose were Raw Silk, Putty and Cathedral Taupe.  I also mixed up a little bit of the Fresco (aged, weathered, worn rustic texture paste) to some of the paint and added that to some areas of the cabinet.  I painted the whole cabinet with the Raw Silk and then distressed with sand paper and scraped the edges to give it the chippy paint look.  I really liked the Fresco textured effect that I added in random areas as well as the other colours to add dimension. 

Chris Buckley (my trusted perfectionist carpenter) custom made my butcher block countertops.  I love his work and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for all of your renovation needs. (click here) He installed the countertop and replaced the sink and taps.  The vessel sink came from Kent Building supplies (click here) and the taps came from (click here).

I quickly added an open shelf with an old piece of barn board I had and I purchased the brackets from Crackle and Teal (click here).  The top of the butcher block, I  stained it in a walnut colour.  I did use a couple coats of a matte varnish, however, I plan on adding some wax to bring out the lustre of the wood. 

I used my antique ladder to add height to my corner and it helps to hide my son Tanner's speaker for his music behind the white floor mat.  I searched for ever for an appropriate hamper and found nothing.  I ended up using a vintage box that already had a hinged cover attached.  This works great for now.  I purchased a new white shower curtain (similar click here). I was very happy how crisp it made the room feel.  I loved the saying in the sign I made and really wanted to add it to this space to remind myself of all the blessings that surround my family and I on a daily basis.

The wood wall decor piece is from Winners and I tweaked it with a hook, rolled vine into a wreath from my garden and dried boxwood from my plants.  I am sure I will still be tweaking this room, like any good, obsessive, decor loving addict does.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.  I would be happy to chat with you!

Scroll sideways below to see my before and after pics of the bathroom!


Homestead Farm Office Renovation

Homestead Farm is a ranch style farmhouse located on the water in Main River, New Brunswick.  The homeowners are busy running their own businesses, two growing teenagers and raising competitive American quarter show horses.  The property has the most beautiful full view of the River which gives this property that breathtaking relaxing feeling. 

Dana and her husband own and operate  Richibucto River Resort  (click on bold link to bring you to resort site) and she likes to work from home whenever possible.  This is why I felt like the office should be our first makeover project.   There is a large office area in the back of the house, however, Dana had a make shift office space in the living area.  She hated the feeling of always working late when her family was lounging in the living room.  She liked feeling of being connected with them while getting the work that needed to be done and she could still stay in the loop with her kids. 

As you can see in the pic below we had a few things going for us.  The space was great, taking the space for an office in that area  wouldn't interfere with the large entry way or take away from the living space.  We also had lots of overhead space to work with, the main ceiling goes on forever.

I wanted to give her a beautiful space she would be proud of and love to be in.  I also thought it was important to be able to work openly but be able to close the doors when not working to a) stop thinking about work when its family time and b) be able to close the doors to hide all the shuffle of paper work if she was sick of seeing it or if company was over.

We added shiplap walls, custom built sliding barn doors and some beautiful antique pieces to complete this project.  We painted the shiplap "sugar cookie" from Benjamin Moore Aura  line. The barn door hardware was purchased from Kent Building Supplies.  We shopped locally for our antiques.  Key Auctions is one of our favourite local suppliers for antiques.  Jarred Steeves is very accommodating and fair for those pieces you may be in the hunt for.  Check out their site for upcoming live auctions as well as their online auctions.  The Farmhouse sign was made by myself The Little Rugged Barn.  I'd love to hear your feedback on this room and look forward to you all following me along in the journey of a total home renovation.  

Homestead Farm Office before pic

Homestead Farm Office before pic

Homestead farm office after pic

Homestead farm office after pic

3 Easy Steps to Renew your grout!

Oh my gosh!  Who has a constant struggle with their grout in their lives?  For years I have HATED my awful grout lines in my bathroom and kitchen.  It was dingy and looked so nasty.  

I hated my kitchen grout I even had an estimate to replace the whole floor.  You know.....when the lack of funds gets in the way of my decorating, its NOT right!  I tried bleach, I tried every grout cleaning product on the market.  Like a good Pinterest follower, I looked up all the tips.  Nothing really worked.  I even mixed up a good 'ole batch of hair bleach and peroxide to brighten my group lines.  To my surprise that didn't even work.  

I was so excited when I found this product at @homedepot  .  The product is Polyblend Grout Renew!!!  Click (here) for link.  There are roughly 8 colors to choose from in the store itself.  I actually purchased two (#10 Antique White & #180 Sandstone) to blend together to better match my current tiles.  The price at Home Depot was between $16.99-$17.87 each at the time.

These were the steps I took to a better relationship with my nasty grout lines:

Step #1

I scrubbed my floors with a quality scrub brush on my hands and knees.  I just used a little bit of water & vinegar to ensure there were now crumbs, dog hair or my long human hair remaining on the floor.  

Step #2

I poured a little of the Grout Renew product into a disposable bowl.  I used very little so I would only pour small amounts as I went  along and needed it.  I took a small paint brush and simply just started painting my group lines.  It is fairly easy project.  Don't worry too much if you hit a tile, it easy wipes away.  I tried to wipe as I was going along so I wouldn't have that big of a job later.  Let it dry.

Step #3

Wipe up any messes that you see on your tile.  I used a little razor blade in places where I may have made a mess on the tile itself, but because I tried to do this in small sections and clean up as I went along, there wasn't much of this to be done.  And Voila!  Brand new grout lines that make me happy!

IMG_8117.JPG Grout renew before and after pic
Grout Fix - Polyblend Grout Renew

Grout Fix - Polyblend Grout Renew

New Year - 2018 - Time to get on it!

January 15th and I am just getting around to making this New Years post.  To be brutally honest, I am scared to do this whole blog thing and I have been procrastinating on starting it.  I can give lots of reasons of being busy and always choosing another project to work on before picking this blog to write.  If I listen to the voices in my head telling me that it is really silly to start a blog, those voices really start to sound logical.  Then I start hearing The voice of of my go-to Guide who tells me to live my truth and do what I was put on the earth to do.  It is so easy to let my insecurities take over, but I choose HIM.  

I love the Holidays, however, I do love the organizing and cleaning of January as well.  I believe that the cold and dark days is God's way of telling us to take pause and slow down a bit.  I will be doing a highlight of all my new cleaning tools that I got over Christmas.  They really are exciting.....keep an eye out for those! 

Right now I just want to welcome you all aboard and thank you for taking time to stop by and taking time to read me blog.  I would love to hear from you and would be interested in any suggestions you may have for blogging ideas or new products you would love to see in the Little Rugged Barn.  

my boys

Crazy over Black window frames

I am a girl who loves change and is constantly improving my surroundings.  I love beautiful things and experiencing the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing.   I watch all of Joanna’s (Gaines) shows, follow her and of course I have read her book.  I feel a real soul connection with her and her simplicity and grounded values.   So, you know a girl needs black windows!  Quoting my eldest son, “The heart wants, what the heart wants”!  

I’m pretty sure this idea came to me in my sleep.  PAINT THEM!  I thought about it for a while and by a while, I mean 2 days.  I did it.  What did I have to lose?  I don’t really like to waste time.  I had a client booked in for 10am and I had a whole hour to start with my back window.  If I really screwed up I would just paint them white again.  

I started off with a very tiny brush to fit into the small crevices and cracks. I gave the window and frame a quick cleaning and started.  I used the Tremclad rust paint.  I only bought the 237ml can and I still have ¼ of the can left.  It is oil based but really dried to a nice matte finish. Click (here) for link.  It took me 2 or 3 coates in some places but went pretty quickly. I also go back and use my white trim paint to cover up anything out of the lines.  I used a razor blade to clean any mistakes I made on the window part, which gave me a perfect edge.  I am in love with the look.  Little things make me happy.  I do, however, spend 10 plus hours a day in that room, so having it look the way I like makes me appreciate the beauty.

Thanks for visiting my first blog post.  I hope you continue on my journey with me.



Tremclad Rust Paint in flat black. Click (here) for link.