Crazy over Black window frames

I am a girl who loves change and is constantly improving my surroundings.  I love beautiful things and experiencing the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing.   I watch all of Joanna’s (Gaines) shows, follow her and of course I have read her book.  I feel a real soul connection with her and her simplicity and grounded values.   So, you know a girl needs black windows!  Quoting my eldest son, “The heart wants, what the heart wants”!  

I’m pretty sure this idea came to me in my sleep.  PAINT THEM!  I thought about it for a while and by a while, I mean 2 days.  I did it.  What did I have to lose?  I don’t really like to waste time.  I had a client booked in for 10am and I had a whole hour to start with my back window.  If I really screwed up I would just paint them white again.  

I started off with a very tiny brush to fit into the small crevices and cracks. I gave the window and frame a quick cleaning and started.  I used the Tremclad rust paint.  I only bought the 237ml can and I still have ¼ of the can left.  It is oil based but really dried to a nice matte finish. Click (here) for link.  It took me 2 or 3 coates in some places but went pretty quickly. I also go back and use my white trim paint to cover up anything out of the lines.  I used a razor blade to clean any mistakes I made on the window part, which gave me a perfect edge.  I am in love with the look.  Little things make me happy.  I do, however, spend 10 plus hours a day in that room, so having it look the way I like makes me appreciate the beauty.

Thanks for visiting my first blog post.  I hope you continue on my journey with me.



Tremclad Rust Paint in flat black. Click (here) for link.