3 Easy Steps to Renew your grout!

Oh my gosh!  Who has a constant struggle with their grout in their lives?  For years I have HATED my awful grout lines in my bathroom and kitchen.  It was dingy and looked so nasty.  

I hated my kitchen grout I even had an estimate to replace the whole floor.  You know.....when the lack of funds gets in the way of my decorating, its NOT right!  I tried bleach, I tried every grout cleaning product on the market.  Like a good Pinterest follower, I looked up all the tips.  Nothing really worked.  I even mixed up a good 'ole batch of hair bleach and peroxide to brighten my group lines.  To my surprise that didn't even work.  

I was so excited when I found this product at @homedepot  .  The product is Polyblend Grout Renew!!!  Click (here) for link.  There are roughly 8 colors to choose from in the store itself.  I actually purchased two (#10 Antique White & #180 Sandstone) to blend together to better match my current tiles.  The price at Home Depot was between $16.99-$17.87 each at the time.

These were the steps I took to a better relationship with my nasty grout lines:

Step #1

I scrubbed my floors with a quality scrub brush on my hands and knees.  I just used a little bit of water & vinegar to ensure there were now crumbs, dog hair or my long human hair remaining on the floor.  

Step #2

I poured a little of the Grout Renew product into a disposable bowl.  I used very little so I would only pour small amounts as I went  along and needed it.  I took a small paint brush and simply just started painting my group lines.  It is fairly easy project.  Don't worry too much if you hit a tile, it easy wipes away.  I tried to wipe as I was going along so I wouldn't have that big of a job later.  Let it dry.

Step #3

Wipe up any messes that you see on your tile.  I used a little razor blade in places where I may have made a mess on the tile itself, but because I tried to do this in small sections and clean up as I went along, there wasn't much of this to be done.  And Voila!  Brand new grout lines that make me happy!

IMG_8117.JPG Grout renew before and after pic
Grout Fix - Polyblend Grout Renew

Grout Fix - Polyblend Grout Renew