New Year - 2018 - Time to get on it!

January 15th and I am just getting around to making this New Years post.  To be brutally honest, I am scared to do this whole blog thing and I have been procrastinating on starting it.  I can give lots of reasons of being busy and always choosing another project to work on before picking this blog to write.  If I listen to the voices in my head telling me that it is really silly to start a blog, those voices really start to sound logical.  Then I start hearing The voice of of my go-to Guide who tells me to live my truth and do what I was put on the earth to do.  It is so easy to let my insecurities take over, but I choose HIM.  

I love the Holidays, however, I do love the organizing and cleaning of January as well.  I believe that the cold and dark days is God's way of telling us to take pause and slow down a bit.  I will be doing a highlight of all my new cleaning tools that I got over Christmas.  They really are exciting.....keep an eye out for those! 

Right now I just want to welcome you all aboard and thank you for taking time to stop by and taking time to read me blog.  I would love to hear from you and would be interested in any suggestions you may have for blogging ideas or new products you would love to see in the Little Rugged Barn.  

my boys