Easy and Affordable Flower Pot DIY

Looking for a cute farmhouse-ish option for all those house plants that seem to be so trendy these days?  Head to your local dollar store... yup,  Dollarama (click here).  

I saw something like this on Pinterest and thought that it looked quick and easy.  Here are my steps:

1.  I purchased clay pots from the Dollarama,  you can order online from Walmart though, (click here).  They were cheap and available.

2.  I used crack filler I had in the house and started spreading it all over the pot with a (you know that thing you use like a spatula to crack fill your walls? lol) well, thats what I started using.  I quickly just started using my hands.  It was messy, but quick.  I let that dry very well which probably took 2 hours.

3.  After they were dry I took a sanding block and gave them a rough sand.  I made sure I went right down to the terracotta base so I could see it in places.  Other places, I left thick and textured.  I gave them a quick dusting off.

4.  I had some fusion samples from Crackle and Teal (click here) and I took a small paint brush and randomly gave swipes of the different colours to give it that lived in look.  I took my sanding block again to sand down some of the paint.  Nothing perfect at all.  

5.  If you know me at all you know that I like instant results.  I probably should have sealed them.....however, I didn't.  I transferred my plants and watered them and placed them in various places around the house.  See the pics below for some inspiration.  Share my blog if you like it!  Thanks for stopping by!