Easy and Affordable Flower Pot DIY

Looking for a cute farmhouse-ish option for all those house plants that seem to be so trendy these days?  Head to your local dollar store... yup,  Dollarama (click here).  

I saw something like this on Pinterest and thought that it looked quick and easy.  Here are my steps:

1.  I purchased clay pots from the Dollarama,  you can order online from Walmart though, (click here).  They were cheap and available.

2.  I used crack filler I had in the house and started spreading it all over the pot with a (you know that thing you use like a spatula to crack fill your walls? lol) well, thats what I started using.  I quickly just started using my hands.  It was messy, but quick.  I let that dry very well which probably took 2 hours.

3.  After they were dry I took a sanding block and gave them a rough sand.  I made sure I went right down to the terracotta base so I could see it in places.  Other places, I left thick and textured.  I gave them a quick dusting off.

4.  I had some fusion samples from Crackle and Teal (click here) and I took a small paint brush and randomly gave swipes of the different colours to give it that lived in look.  I took my sanding block again to sand down some of the paint.  Nothing perfect at all.  

5.  If you know me at all you know that I like instant results.  I probably should have sealed them.....however, I didn't.  I transferred my plants and watered them and placed them in various places around the house.  See the pics below for some inspiration.  Share my blog if you like it!  Thanks for stopping by!


Homestead Farm Office Renovation

Homestead Farm is a ranch style farmhouse located on the water in Main River, New Brunswick.  The homeowners are busy running their own businesses, two growing teenagers and raising competitive American quarter show horses.  The property has the most beautiful full view of the River which gives this property that breathtaking relaxing feeling. 

Dana and her husband own and operate  Richibucto River Resort  (click on bold link to bring you to resort site) and she likes to work from home whenever possible.  This is why I felt like the office should be our first makeover project.   There is a large office area in the back of the house, however, Dana had a make shift office space in the living area.  She hated the feeling of always working late when her family was lounging in the living room.  She liked feeling of being connected with them while getting the work that needed to be done and she could still stay in the loop with her kids. 

As you can see in the pic below we had a few things going for us.  The space was great, taking the space for an office in that area  wouldn't interfere with the large entry way or take away from the living space.  We also had lots of overhead space to work with, the main ceiling goes on forever.

I wanted to give her a beautiful space she would be proud of and love to be in.  I also thought it was important to be able to work openly but be able to close the doors when not working to a) stop thinking about work when its family time and b) be able to close the doors to hide all the shuffle of paper work if she was sick of seeing it or if company was over.

We added shiplap walls, custom built sliding barn doors and some beautiful antique pieces to complete this project.  We painted the shiplap "sugar cookie" from Benjamin Moore Aura  line. The barn door hardware was purchased from Kent Building Supplies.  We shopped locally for our antiques.  Key Auctions is one of our favourite local suppliers for antiques.  Jarred Steeves is very accommodating and fair for those pieces you may be in the hunt for.  Check out their site for upcoming live auctions as well as their online auctions.  The Farmhouse sign was made by myself The Little Rugged Barn.  I'd love to hear your feedback on this room and look forward to you all following me along in the journey of a total home renovation.  

Homestead Farm Office before pic

Homestead Farm Office before pic

Homestead farm office after pic

Homestead farm office after pic