How I made my own boxwood garland

My inspiration for making this cute little garland, was the preserved boxwood wreathes I purchased a few years ago.  I really love adding greenery to my decor, however, I have a hard time with fake.  Fake anything drives me crazy.  How do I add a little natural in the dead of winter?  There must be a way!


Cut, Wrap and Put up!

I planted my little boxwood plants in galvanized buckets for the summer and added them on either side of my front door.  I really liked what they added to my entrance.  They were really functional because I could move them around.  I like to decorate for different summer events (Canada day, Irish Festival right up to Harvest time and so on).  I moved them wherever I needed to add a little charm.     

Finished Boxwood garland   

Finished Boxwood garland


Bedroom Mantle Boxwood Garland

As the cool weather made its way to Miramichi, I felt it was time to move in my boxwood plants.   (I was decorating for my friends KariLynn & John's fall wedding and these boxwood buckets were a perfect add on to their reception decor.)  These little guys really didn't grow very much over 3 months, just enough so I could harvest small bunches of greenery for my project. 

 I felt like my mantle really needed something more and I thought that my homemade boxwood garland was the perfect add-on.